Beta Alpha Psi


What are the dates and times?Saturday, February 6
Saturday, February 13
Saturday, February 20
Saturday, February 27
Saturday, March 19
from 8am-3pm.
What do I need to bring?Photo ID, Social Security card for self,spouse & dependents, all income information, last years return, and anything else to complete the return.
Who needs to be present?If married couple: both spouses need to be present to e-file, otherwise paper return required.
Can this be completed in one day?Yes.
How long of a wait should I expect?We cannot give an exact length but we will work efficiently. To reduce wait time, the information forms we need filled out are on our website.
When is the best time to come?Each weekend is different, but typically afternoons.
Do we take appointments?No.
Are there any hidden costs?No.
Where should I park?There is parking on the corner of Franklin and Patterson, a block away.
Where is Truman State and Violette Hall?There is a map on the website
How will I know where to go?Enter Violette Hall through the West Entrance and there will be signs.
Can we complete a non Missouri return?Yes, but we cannot e-file California, Georgia, Kentucky (unless full year resident), Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Utah, or Wisconsin. We must do paper returns in those situations.
Is my return too complicated?If it includes multiple captital gains/losses, estate tax, farm income, depreciation, or itemized deductions then it is too complicated.
Can you do the Missouri property tax credit/rent rebate?Yes, if rented property then proof of rent is required.
Are the volunteers certified?Yes, they are all certified by the IRS.
Can you direct deposit my refund?Yes.
Can the return be e-filed?Generally yes, but there are certain exceptions.
Are there other VITA sites nearby?No, the closest VITA site besides Truman is in Columbia, MO.