Chapter By-Laws

Article 1: Name of the Organization

The name of the organization shall be the Kappa Nu Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO.

Article 2: The Purposes and Mission of the Chapter

I. Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary and professional organization for students of accountancy, finance, and information systems.  The purpose of Beta Alpha Psi shall be to

  1. Recognize outstanding academic achievements in the fields of accounting, finance, and information systems;
  2. Promote the study and practice of professional fields related to these disciplines;
  3. Provide opportunities for self-development and association among members and practicing financial information professionals;
  4. Provide service to the university and the Kirksville area community;
  5. Encourage a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility;
  6. Operate successful fundraising activities in order to maintain funds to support our local chapter as well as regional and international activities;

II. Mission Statement: Beta Alpha Psi is a nonprofit international honorary and service organization.  Beta Alpha Psi provides opportunities for development of technical and professional skills to complement university education; participation in community service; and interaction among students, faculty, and financial information professionals.

Article 3:  Pre-Candidacy Program

I. All eligible students are able to participate in the pre-candidacy program before beginning the candidacy program if they have:

  1. Enrolled in the first introductory course in business (BSAD 153 –  Introduction to Business Data Analytics) and;

II. Successful participation in the pre-candidacy program shall require the pre- candidate to:

  1. Regularly attend chapter meetings;
  2. Pay chapter dues as required by Article 6, Section III and;
  3. Complete the requirements in Article 6 except Sections IV and V.

III. Upon eligibility to enter the candidacy program as required in Article 4 Section I, the pre-candidate must:

  1. Complete the candidacy program as required by Article 4 Section        II or;
  2. No longer participate in the organization.

Article 4: Candidacy Program

All eligible students are required to successfully complete a candidacy semester before being considered for full membership in the organization.  

I. The chapter will accept candidates into the program after they have:

  1. Declared a major in accounting, finance, or information systems;
  2. Obtained 30 semester hours (at least sophomore standing);
  3. Completed ACCT 221 – Introduction to Management Accounting
  4. Have a 3.0 or better cumulative GPA; and
  5. Have no fewer than two academic semesters remaining before graduation.

II. Successful completion of the candidacy semester shall require the candidate to:

  1. Regularly attend chapter meetings;
  2. Complete the requirements outlined in Article 5;
  3. Maintain eligibility requirements as set forth in Article 3, Section I;
  4. Must actively participate in committee tasks
  5. Pay one-time international dues, as well as chapter semester dues as required by Article 5, Section III; and

III. Continuing Candidacy

  1. Any candidate having successfully completed the candidacy semester, however, having yet to complete one upper level course in their major, shall be considered a continuing candidate.  A continuing candidate shall:
    1. Regularly attend chapter meetings;
    2. Complete the requirements outlined in Article 5;
    3. Maintain eligibility requirements as set forth in Article 3, Section I; and
    4. Pay chapter semester dues as required by Article 5, Section III.
  2. Shall a continuing candidate fail to complete the requirements for membership set forth in Article 4 before the end of their continuing candidacy semester, they shall not be permitted to remain in the organization. 

IV. Once an eligible student has completed the candidacy semester and has met the membership eligibility requirements set forth in Article 4, that student shall be included in the membership ceremony.

V. If a candidate chooses not to be included in the membership ceremony exec will vote to decide eligibility of membership.

Article 5: Membership Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for inclusion in the membership ceremony:

I. A candidate must:

  1. Successfully complete a candidate semester as documented in Article 3, Section II; and
  2. Complete academic requirements as follows:
    1. Degree seeking undergraduate students shall:
      1. Declare a concentration in accounting, finance, or Information Systems 
      2. Complete, in addition to two years of collegiate courses, at least one upper level course in the student’s area of concentration (ACCT 302 -Intermediate Financial Accounting I or BSAD 329- Principles of Finance) (for transfer students the most recent qualifying course must be at Truman State University or another AACSB accredited institution);
      3. Attain a cumulative grade point average in upper level courses, excluding the business core, in accounting, finance, or information systems of at least 3.0; and
        1. Attain at least an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.0, or 
        2. Attain at least a 3.25 cumulative overall grade point average in the most recent 30 semester hours. 
    2. Degree seeking graduate students shall be eligible when they have  been accepted and matriculated into the Masters of Accountancy program.

II. Full-time members of the accounting or finance faculty are eligible for inclusion as Faculty members. 

III. Persons exhibiting those qualities that Beta Alpha Psi fosters and who have achieved prominence in the fields of accounting, finance, or information systems; or have contributed significantly of their time and talent to the organization or the local chapter are eligible for inclusion as Honorary members. 

Article 6: Members in Good Standing

In order to become and remain a member in good standing of the Kappa Nu chapter, members must continually:

I. Satisfactorily complete the required number of professional and service hours as determined by the Executive Committee;

II. Regularly attend chapter meetings;

  1. Chapter meetings will be set by the Executive Committee and will last approximately 2 hours.
  2. Members are limited to 2 unexcused absences per semester.  
    1. Members must notify the chapter secretary within 24 hours of a chapter meeting for an absence to be considered excused.  
      1. Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances at such time by the Executive Committee.
    2. Excused absences include events done in the name of Beta Alpha Psi, job interviews, family tragedies, etc.  All other absences must be approved by the Executive Committee in order to be considered excused.
    3. If a member has more than 2 unexcused absences, they will be subject to Article 7, Section I;

III. Pay chapter semester dues

  1. The due date for chapter dues will be set by the Executive Committee
  2. All members not having paid dues by the specified due date set by the Executive Committee will set up a meeting with the President and Treasurer to discuss their financial situation. 
  3. Faculty advisors may give a donation to the chapter, but are not required to pay dues as regular chapter members.  

IV. Participate in 8 hours of pre-approved service to the chapter as determined by the Executive Committee. 

V. Participate in Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and its training sessions

  1.  Complete all training requirements as determined by the VP VITA
  2. Complete at least one four hour shift as a regular volunteer
  3. Sign up for at least one two hour on call shift within easy phone access of VP VITA.  If called, complete the shift. 
  4. May not change shifts after a stated date by the VP VITA unless permission from VP VITA.

VI. Participate in fundraising activities as determined by the Vice-President of Community Relations.

VII. Participate in at least one committee per semester (the Executive Committee shall be considered a committee for purposes of this section); and

VIII. Remain a degree seeking undergraduate student with a concentration in accounting, finance, or information systems.  Graduate students that were members of the Kappa Nu chapter during their undergraduate education may elect, before their undergraduate graduation, to continue membership or become an alumni member.

Members that are not considered members in good standing will be subject to Article 7, Section I. A list of members in good standing will be published on the Kappa Nu chapter website at the end of each semester.

Article 7: Resignation and Expulsion of Members

I. In the event that a member does not fulfill the requirements set forth in the Beta Alpha Psi International Constitution, International Bylaws, or the Kappa Nu Chapter Bylaws, the member:

    1. May be asked to resign.
    2. Additionally, a member or candidate may voluntarily resign.
    3. May be subject to a consequence system set forth by the Executive Committee.
  1. In order to resign, a member or candidate must notify, in writing, the chapter president and the faculty advisor or co-advisors.
  2. The resigning member must surrender their membership certificate and other Beta Alpha Psi insignia to the chapter.
  3. International and chapter dues are nonrefundable.

II. A member may be expelled for conduct detrimental to the purposes or interests of Beta Alpha Psi.  Expulsion of a member is a serious matter.  The Kappa Nu chapter shall strictly follow the guidelines for expulsion set forth in the International Policies and Procedures Manual of Beta Alpha Psi.

Article 8: Chapter Voting Procedures

I. The voting membership of the Kappa Nu chapter is comprised of members in good standing only.

  1. The faculty advisor or co-advisors, pre-candidates, candidates, honorary, and alumnus members, regardless of standing, shall not be permitted to vote.  
  2. No absentee ballots will be allowed.

II. There must be a quorum present to vote on matters of chapter business.  Quorum will be set at half the current voting membership.

III. Motions will require, at minimum, a simple majority of the voting membership present in order to pass.  Exceptions to simple majority procedures involve expulsion of members and amendments to the chapter bylaws, which require a 2/3 affirmative vote of the entire voting membership in order to pass. 

Article 9: Executive Committee

I. The following student officers and associated assistants shall comprise the Executive Committee; their titles and duties include:

  1. President:
    1. Calls and presides at meetings of the chapter and of the Executive Committee;
    2. Determines that all reporting responsibilities and other duties of the student officers are performed in accordance with the Kappa Nu Chapter Bylaws, as well as the International Constitution and Bylaws;
    3. Serves as the chapter’s representative to the Business Student Executive Council (BSEC)
    4. Organizes and presides over all membership ceremonies; and
    5. Is recognized as the official leader of the organization.
  1. Executive Vice President:
    1. Assists the president in the performance of prescribed duties;
    2. Acts in the president’s place in the event of absence or incapacity, as well as assumes the duties and responsibilities of the president in the event that the office of the president is vacant; and
    3. Is an ex-officio member of all committees other than the Executive Committee. 
    4. Takes pictures of chapter events and keeps a chapter scrapbook
    5. Maintains relations with chapter alumni by keeping a current alumni database and publishing an annual alumni newsletter 
    6. Creates and maintains a website for the chapter.
    7. Organizes the annual chapter composite. 
    8. Completes all risk management duties outlined in Article 15 Section I.
  2. Secretary:
    1. Records the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee; and
    2. Maintains accurate attendance records for the chapter; 
    3. Serves as parliamentarian of the chapter, ensuring that all international, chapter, university, local, state, and/or federal policies are being upheld; and
    4. Submits all required International and chapter reports in a timely manner as required by the Executive Board of Beta Alpha Psi and the Program for Chapter Activities.
  3. Treasurer:
    1. Recommends amount and due date of semester chapter dues to the Executive Committee for approval, and maintains records of payment;
    2. Collects money owed to the chapter, disburses for authorized purposes, and maintains appropriate financial records;
    3. Presents a report of the chapter’s financial status at Executive Committee meetings;
    4. Remits appropriate moneys to the International Office as required by the Executive Board of Beta Alpha Psi; and 
    5. Coordinates with the associate vice presidents and committee chairs to propose the budget for the fiscal year, adheres to the budget approved by the Executive Committee, and makes said budget available to chapter members.
  4. Associate Vice President of Professional Activities: 
    1. Arranges for the professional programs for the year.
    2. Arranges for the sponsorship of food and purchase of drinks and supplies for chapter meetings.
    3. Updates faculty on the chapter’s activities and speakers.
  5. Associate Vice President of Community Relations 
    1. Arranges all fundraising activities for the chapter.
    2. Arranges all community service activities for the chapter. 
    3. Arranges tutoring schedule.
  6. Associate Vice President of Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
    1. Handles the logistics of VITA program and promotion
    2. Head of VITA committee
    3. Manages all VITA volunteers
    4. Handles opening and closing procedures and preparations for tax filing days
  7. Associate Vice President of Social Activities and Recruitment:
    1. Arranges all social events for the chapter;
    2. Plans and executes the recruitment activities for prospective members each semester; and
    3. Oversees all candidate activities.

II. The faculty advisor or co-advisors shall also be included in the Executive Committee.  The faculty advisor or co-advisors must be a member of Beta Alpha Psi.  The duties of the faculty advisor or co-advisors are:

  1. Provide advice to the chapter; and
  2. When requested to do so by the Executive Committee, attests to the chapter’s compliance with specified provisions of the International Constitution, Bylaws, and Program for Chapter Activities.
  3. The faculty advisor or co-advisors are appointed by the accounting department chair. The executive committee may submit suggestions for this process.
  4. The faculty advisor or co-advisors cannot reserve rooms under a student organization’s name for activities/events that are not related or associated with the group they advise.

III. Election Process for the Executive Committee Student Members

  1. Nominations:
    1. Nominations for officer positions will be taken at least one regular meeting prior to the election of officers.
  2. On the date of the election, each position will be opened for further nominations.  
  3. After nominations for each position have been closed, each nominee will be expected to give a brief speech on their qualifications and reasons for running for the position.  
  4. Voting:
    1. Voting will take place directly after all nominees for a given position have delivered their speeches.  
    2. Voting will be done by secret ballot.  
    3. The nominee with the most votes will be awarded the position for the next term.  
  5. Elections shall be finished no later than the meeting directly preceding the early registration deadline for the Beta Alpha Psi Regional Meeting.

IV. The term of office shall begin on May 1 of the year and will run through April 30 of the following year. Newly elected officers will serve as assistant officers until the start of their tenure.

V. Authority of the Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee will be given the ability to conduct business on behalf of the chapter in a reasonable manner.  The Executive Committee shall have the power to act in all matters except:
    1. Amendment of the chapter bylaws,
    2. Expulsion of members, and 
    3. Nomination and election of officers.  
  2. The Executive Committee shall determine the overall activities of the chapter.
  3. All actions taken by the Executive Committee shall be reported to members at the next regular chapter meeting.

VI. Resignation of Office

  1. Any officer who wishes to resign his or her position must do so in writing to the Executive Committee.  The officer must give the reasons of his or her decision to resign their office. Refer to Article 9, Section VIII. 
  2. The officer who is resigning has the option to explain his or her reasons for resignation in front of the entire chapter.
  3. Any officer who resigns an office cannot run for any officer position for at least two complete semesters

VII. Impeachment of Office

  1. An officer may be removed from office for failure or refusal to perform their assigned duties or for conduct detrimental to the purposes or interests of the chapter.  
  2. Charges of such conduct must be made in writing to the faculty advisor or co-advisors and signed by a member of the chapter.  When such charges have been made against an officer, the faculty advisor or co-advisors must make certain that the accused member is given notice and an opportunity to be heard concerning the charges.
  3.  An ethics committee of chapter members is to be selected by the Executive Board and Faculty Advisor at the beginning of the academic year to investigate the charges and make a determination as to whether or not the accused officer should be impeached.
  4. Notice must be given to the accused officer at least two weeks before the committee meeting.  Such notice shall include: 
    1. A copy of the charges made against the officer; 
    2. The time, date, and place of the committee meeting; and
    3. An explanation of the impeachment procedures.
  5. The findings of the committee should be based on a presentation of the charges by the accusing member.  The accused member has the opportunity to appear and explain the actions in question.  The officer shall be impeached with a 2/3 vote of the committee.
  6. If impeached, the officer may request a hearing before the entire local chapter in a special meeting called for that specific purpose; a 2/3 of the chapter may reverse the committee’s findings.

VIII. Position Vacancies

  1. In the event of an immediate vacancy on the Board, the Executive Committee will decide on holding special election or waiting until the following regular elections.

Article 10: Committees other than the Executive Committee

  1. Each member is required to be on at least one committee each semester.
  2. The Associate Vice Presidents will chair any committee associated with their office.  All other committees shall be chaired by any member of the chapter.
  3. Any committee that the Executive Committee feels is necessary can be established on a temporary basis.  
    1. All committees must be approved by the Executive Committee.
    2. Members can be appointed by the president or on a volunteer basis.
  4. Any committee that needs funds exceeding budgeted money must submit a request to be approved by the Executive Committee.

Article 11: Investment Policies

  1. There shall be two signatures on the checking, savings, and any other financial accounts that the chapter holds.  The names that should be on these accounts are the President and the Treasurer.
  2. The chapter should invest its idle funds in low risk, low maintenance investments. 
    1. The chapter should not invest in anything riskier than a certificate of deposit insured by the FDIC.  
    2. The Treasurer should closely monitor the accounts.
    3. All investments must be approved by the Executive Committee.

Article 12: Fiscal year

I. The fiscal year of the chapter shall begin on May 1 and end April 30 of the following year.

Article 13: Authority

I. These bylaws shall be the principal governing document of the Kappa Nu Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi.  

II. These bylaws will be subordinate to the International Constitution and Bylaws of Beta Alpha Psi.  Any provisions of this document that conflict with the International Constitution and Bylaws of Beta Alpha Psi will be null and void.

III. Upon dissolution of the chapter any remaining funds are to be distributed to the University Foundation earmarked for School of Business use.    

Article 14: Requirements for amendments to the bylaws

I. Amendments to the bylaws will be in the form of a motion.  

  1. All amendments should be given in writing to the Executive Committee at least one week prior to when the motion is brought before the chapter.  
  2. A motion to amend the bylaws requires a 2/3 affirmative vote of the entire voting membership in order to pass.  

II. There will be, at a minimum, a yearly review of the bylaws with any changes reported to the International Office.

Article 15:  Risk Management

I. Risk Management

  1. The Executive Vice President will handle all duties associated with Risk Management including the annual CSI Risk Management workshop
  2. The organization has policies in place that provides checks and balances on members of the organization including members of the executive committee as mentioned in Article 10.
  3. If a problem with Risk Management does occur steps will be taken as follows
    1. Report to the President
    2. Report to the Chapter Advisor
    3. Report to the National Office

II. Anti-Hazing 

  1. Beta Alpha Psi fully understands and will abide by the anti-hazing policy as set forth in the Student Conduct Code of Truman State University 8.050.2. Expectations for Student Organization Conduct Section 14: Abusive affiliation.