Reporting Hours

Guide for Reporting Hours

The Reporting Secretary will maintain a listing of hours. Any BAP sponsored event (e.g. weekly meetings, tutoring, etc.) will be recorded by the Reporting Secretary. Any non-BAP hours will need to be reported to the Reporting Secretary shortly after hours are completed.

BAP Sponsored Hours:

  • Professional Meetings sponsored by BAP: Hours will be determined based on attendance to meeting as reported by Secretary.
  • Service hours sponsored by BAP: Sign up sheets for the day of the service will be provided along with the hours worked. These sheets will serve as the basis for BAP service hours.
  • Accounting 220/221 tutoring: With the tutoring supplies, there is a sign in sheet. Please sign on the sheet and include the number of hours of service performed.

Non-BAP Hours:

All non-BAP sponsored service and professional hours should be submitted to the Reporting Secretary shortly after the hours are completed. Please send only the first five hours performed for each category (professional or service). If any of these hours are deemed inappropriate, the Reporting Secretary will inform you and ask for additional hours. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Date hours completed
  2. Number of hours completed
  3. Professional or Service
  4. Any affiliation to another group (i.e. it was sponsored by another group)
  5. Detailed summary of the event

To report outside hours to our Reporting Secretary, please fill out the following form. You must be logged in to access the form.

Outside Hours Form